Coast to Coast book

This Coast to Coast guide offers the artist, photographer, walker and tourist a unique perspective on the Northern Landscape. From Robin Hood’s Bay to the Lake District, artist Kane Cunningham takes you on a journey, a personal guide to the studios of artists, art galleries, tearooms, hotels and historic country houses. A journey of discovery, history, politics, farming, industry and Lakeland Poets. This companion guide will help you discover for yourself a spectacular landscape painted by artists over the centuries and the finest places to visit to simply enjoy the view.

Cunningham describes with interest and humour the challenge of plein air painting in the North of England, the characters he meets while painting, the Hogarth prints hanging on a pub wall, the BBC World Service, Salvage Hunters TV programme, L.S. Lowry, Kendal Black Drop, David Hockney, naked men lounging by an open-air pool, Driffield WI, Hollywood stars, furious gamekeepers and sex on a barge. This Coast to Coast companion guide is more than a description of the best views to see; it also tells you about the people and places that add colour to the journey and have shaped the landscape we all love today.

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“Part crazy travel guide, part edgy auto-biography, this book proves that Kane is just as good a story-teller in the written word as he is in real life. Like his paintings Coast to Coast bursts with energy, courts controversy, and ultimately charms with its humour and colour. A must-read for anyone who holds art, landscape, and the North in their heart”.

Joe Cornish Landscape Photographer