About Kane Cunningham

Kane Cunningham was born in Manchester in 1961. He first shot to worldwide fame in 2009 when he bought a house on the edge of a cliff in Scarborough for £3,000 to create a work of art and multimedia installation. It was a bungalow destined to fall into the sea due to erosion. The council enforced a demolition order in 2013 due to concerns that the property was a danger to the public. It then cost another £3,000 to have it demolished.

An art lecturer for 35 years, Kane retired in 2017 to become a full-time artist, photographer and writer. He is primarily a landscape artist, painting in watercolour and following in the tradition of J.M.W. Turner. He travels extensively across the UK and Europe painting and living in a VW campervan. Presently he is working on an artist’s companion guide for Wales, Scotland and Ireland and painting large scale watercolours in extreme and remote locations.